The Project

Among the many projects that Covenant Associates supports are needy and orphaned children in the Philippines. They, Klaas and Grietje, decided to help by supporting 10 kids: by donating only $ 3-5 each week, (depending on the grade level of the student) one child could be sent to school every day with breakfast and transportation costs, not only saving him or her from starvation but also seriously improving attendance and productivity at school. This program has recently be named in honour of Klaas en Grietje: “The Klaas en Grietje Veldmeijer Children’s Sponsorship Program”.

In a country with 30-40 % unemployment and where even for working at the counter of MacDonald’s a two year college degree is needed, one can imagine that this makes a whole lot of difference. But there is more to the story - not only this particular child is supported this way, but in doing so, in the long run, the whole family is as well. When a person can achieve an education and land a good job, he or she is a big help to his family in general, which often includes support to the parents in their old age. On the other hand, if all of a sudden one of the people in the programme shows up with, for example, a luxury item, such as cell phone, further support is regarded unnecessary and offered to other children that are in dire need. 

Klaas en Grietje decided to support 10 children on a weekly basis. If you click here, you can read all about the organisation and the people behind it. 

So, why this website? 

Well, at time of writing (14 January 2011) Klaas is terminally ill of cancer and is, therefore, not able to continue the financial support. We, wife and children, father and brothers of Klaas decided to join efforts and continue the support: we think the project is most certainly worthwhile as the results prove that this strategy works. Therefore, we are proud to continue the support in memory of Klaas Veldmeijer. However, we need all help we can get to achieve our goal. If you want help us to support it, you can contact us through Pascal Veldmeijer: .

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