How do we work?

The Covenant Associates and Valley Cathedral: A Short History 

But how does this aid work? The Covenant has a representative in the Philippines, Tim Adams. Tim also works for the Valley Cathedral, which is a charity organisation that has run a foster home, plus operating an excellent private school. This ministry was started 23 years ago (see 

Tim and his wife Becky have very good accountability and insight in who needs help. They are the persons in the field who select the children and families that need help, again in close collaboration with the Valley Cathedral, and the money sent from Klaas and Grietje through Covenant Associates to Valley Cathedral is under their care. They also keep eye on the proper execution of the aid and require an accounting of the progress of the recipients. 

All funds sent for these children go 100% to each child: there are no administration costs deducted at all. The day-to-day working of the program is administered by the local Pastor of Valley Cathedral to assure proper handling of cultural issues and personal responsibility for the children.

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